Well kelli, here we go. Today was a bad day. My friend(she shall not be named) left me today. She has been “sick” for the whole week. This made me sad, but it was even worst when her dikey friend hit on me.(you know who kelli) Anyway, to top that(i don’t know how that can be topped) I had to recite my monologue for julius ceaser. I was stalling, but you know how ms. Allen is(damn mushroom head)My friend Johnathan almost beat this girl up during 3rd period. Oh brother, so much to say, so little time.I rounded the day out with poking myself with a pin(by accident)and my finger would not stop bleeding.Stephanie wanted me to ….um… drink the blood, but i refused.Good for me huh? Well Goodbye!!!!! I have to go…. ummm do some stuff.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that made my day. I needed to read that. i was so disappointed when I had to leave. I was like, “Mama, I want to go back” but she thought I might have a virus or something so she wouldn’t let me. I wanted to hear your monologue, that sucks. I don’t like Ms. Allen’s hair either. I poked my finger this morning and it bled. Anyways, I’ll talk to you later.

  2. lol, what are y’all doing, i feel like i’m intruding on a conversation when i read your xanga makeda….lol of course, when it starts with “well kelli, here we go”–that kinds mean i am isn’t it? o well, get over it, and what dikey friend hit on you? uh~oh, uh~oh makeda, gettin’ a lil close to someone, huh huh? yeah i recited my monologue today too, she took off for pacing! i did it on pupose for dramatic effect!!!grrr!lol, anyway, see ya monday…..

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