Okay, i recieved a free xanga premium trial thingy and i’m gonna use it. lol. I finally got my permit. Yay for me. Okay aarti we are going to fight monday morning. A showlin showdown. Bring….it….on!! Not an original phrase, but i couldn’t think of anything cool.  Hmmmmm? Okay i have nothing more to say. so…. I’ll go and crash my moms car now.

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  1. hey! i’m so happy you got the permit!!!! smiles. you can’t kill aarti yet, she has to tell me something. i uhh… take it you don’t like cheerleaders. gosh, i still can’t remember what i was going to ask you.

  2. shoot, can’t kill aarti yet? giiiiirrrllll please, she can’t kill aarti EVER! lol….wait, why are we gonna fight monday?
    and thanks kelli, it’s good to know you’re ok with me “getting killed” (which, by the way, lol makeda you can never do that) after i tell you something….lol…y’all are such dorks!!! haha
    P.S.- have fun crashing your mom’s car and good job on the permit!

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