I did pretty well yesterday. I learned alot of valuable stuff about driving. Like how to fix the rear view mirrors before pulling off, how to start the car and uh….how to put on my seatbelt?Okay,Okay! i didn’t actually get to drive,but i was in the drivers seat and that’s all that matters. Right?Right?

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  1. No, I am NOT playing nurse. He wasn’t hurt. I am so glad your driving stuff is going well, but no, makeda, sitting in the driver’s seat isn’t all that counts. as for my bdl friend, I haven’t seen her all weekend. By the way, the accelerator will be on the right, that is important, trust me, I nearly took out a tree in the church parking lot today because of my confusion over that fact.

  2. wrong…lol….y’all…c’mon life doesn’t revolve around xanga!!
    hahahahah kelli!!! ahhhhhhh, i’ll never be able to get over that!!

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