today, makeda was bored. now she is being
the grammar nazi. Anyways, first she went to the bdl class of french
and took a test. then she went to english and drew mean pictures with
adrienne fulton. she also laughed at adrienne, b/c adrienne  read
her scantron to check for mistakes, even though she wasn’t reading the
questions.  After english, in which she got in trouble for being
loud during the final even though kelli was the one talking loudly, she
was kidnaped by kelli and caroline. the
two forced her onto the bus and tied her up. they then force-fed her
chili. they are currently demanding a ransom of 1,000,0000,000 dollars,
no questions asked, or someone could get hurt.


8 responses to “”

  1. aww thanks makeda! but um, there’s only one person in it! you don’t have to make the blogring…the thought is nice though!!
    lol…and yes, the guy is VERY cute…lol

  2. lol, if i join the “we love aarti” blogring…that would be just a little conceded wouldn’t it? lol

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