Currently playing:Frankie J’s “don’t wanna try” It gives the allusion that i actually had a boyfriend sometime in my lonely teenage life and that we broke up very sweetly then had make up……………………..Anyway,I like the songj/k J/K

Huh? After reading Kelli’s entry, i’m not sure what to write. You’re a very depressing girl. j/k. Well, today i will go driving with my mommy and my brother and my sister. Oh hell, why not bring the whole neighborhood? The only reason my brother comes is to watch me mess up. Then he’ll point and laugh, then go bye-bye before i have a chance to get it right. My sister…..well, she comes to kick my chair while i’m driving. I’m sure it will be a funny car accident! And my mom comes because the state of Georgia says that she has to. Okay, hmmmm? What else? Oh , i am bored and i find myself missing Dutchtown h.s.. Okay maybe not that bored, but i need someone to talk to. I think i’ll take  a trip down to Emory’s Physiactric ward to meet some new people. Hey, why not? All my friends are crazy anyway. Right kelli? j/k

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  1. don’t worry, by tuesday the depressing me will be gone for about another six weeks. i’m sure the whole neighborhood would love to come, why don’t you send out fliers? you can’t be as bad as caroline, riding with her is what i call a spiritual experience–you get a glimpse of the afterlife and you spend the whole trip in deep, heartfelt

  2. keep dreamin’ aarti, we all know you’re past help. we asked the men in white coats the last time they came to school looking for you.

  3. oooohhhh… are in sooooo much trouble, makeda. gggggrrrrrr…..i can not BELIEVE you wrote that on charles’ site. watch yourself.

  4. hey, friend, it’s me again. i was just on sarah’s site, and i read the comment you left for like the 50th time (the one about the girl ewho drowned the whole world) and i finally figured it out. haircut today!!!!

  5. by the way, i happen to LOVE that song (on account of the first time i heard it, a really hot guy was singing it), thank-you-very-much………SHUT UP! im not crazy…that is, IF you consider me ur friend!!!hehehe
    kelli, you AND aarti are both crazy…you both freak if you get like, below a 90. im not the one having a nervy spaz if the teacher syas ‘stop talking’, i mean, its not like you are getting expelled, or even getting detentio (which is fun from what ive heard!!)

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