Uh yeah, hey kelli. How are you? Well…. i’m fine. Hey stephanie. How are you? Good? Alrighty then. Aarti, my height challenged friend(j/k) How are you? I would get you a christmas gift, but uhhh you don’t celebrate christmas, do you? Okay i am going bye,bye now. Maybe i’ll update later. I’m bored now. Makeda goes bye bye. Apple cyder…..mmmmmmm.

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  1. i do celebrate christmas, i love christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year…but i have everything i want…thanks for considering it though, the thought is always nice!

  2. oooohhh, you offended aarti!! j/k luv ya aarti!! you are a dork!! you didn’t want to say sauerkraut cause you said you would misspell it, but you misspelled apple cider!

  3. i thought you said something about not commenting on your own site…maybe i was wrong………….haha..u forgot to mention ME! you COULD have a hot boyfriend if u would give brandon a chance!! well,,ne way…merry Christams and all that new year crap!

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