Okay, i’m back from my three day hiatus and i want to do some venting. Hmmmm? Where shall we start? Well, first off, i hope that evryone had a great christmas. My christmas wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. It kinda sucked because of all the leftovers. I was up until 2:00 in the morning eating turkey and stuffing. I can see it now. The headlines will read: “girl trapped in her own house due to obesity” or maybe this one . A tragic story really: “A young girl is now pinned  after attempting to retrieve a chicken bone that slid under the refigerator. After she ate the bone whole, she attempted to look for the fry she dropped under there several months earlier. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is when the fridge collapsed on top of the girl. Back to you Ken”. Leftovers are the devels snack food.

Reader Discretion Advised: I am now midway through my day when WHAM!! My brother decides to test out the durability of his new sneakers by throwing them at me. The pain and the crying ment that they passed inspection and he goes to tell my mom(again)how thankful he is.(LOSER!!)

As i am watching t.v. my mom bangs on MY door and demands that i let my sister play her game on my t.v. After many long minutes of crying and whining, my sister wiggles her way in and hooks up her game. (oh no she didn’t)

Finally, it’s 5:30 and my mom tells me that Kelli called. I knew what she called for. I was SUPPOSE to go over her house, but did i go? Obviously NOT!! My mom had to work, my brother had a “date”( on sunday night? without a girlfriend? Yeah right! he’s up to no good!!) and i’m stuck here, writing on xanga, watching my little sister and thinking about my friends having fun. I feel like hitting something and there’s a nice warm body in stricking distance. I don’t know what i’m going to do. Maybe eat some pie.

P.s. I’m sorry if there are any mispelled words. Just comment on it and i’ll be sure to curse you out in a timely manner!

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  1. Oh makeda, i’m so sorry. it wasn’t the same without you. i really wish you could have been there. you are incredible, chica, and no matter where you are, you will always be on our minds. Please cheer up, i need you to be happy, because if you aren’t, then i will become depressed and have a really crappy night. cheer up!

  2. makeda, u really have a way with words….u should be a writer!! we really missed u…..i remember it so clearly- after the movie, caroline, kelli and i were sitting around the table stuffing our faces and talking about sex (with her mother in the next room of course!)…u really missed a lot!

  3. i’m sowie makeda….but yeah kelli’s right…don’t worry about it…everyone has their pain in the butt moments….cheer up!:sunny::laugh:

  4. :wave:
    What’s the difference between 😆 and :laugh:.  If I didn’t know any better, one was just slang, and the other is an actual word.
    and this: :giggle: is very disturbing.
    Have a nice day :spinning:.

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