Boredom Be Gone!!!!! Yay! it’s gone. Two of my best friends have been over my house for the last two dayz and they wont go home. They ate all of my food and stole my toilet paper.

This is Kiara and i will not let makeda(aka. nifa) write on this thing any more. I will break her typing hand and replace it with a back scratcher.  Since i’m writing, why don’t i tell you guys a little about me. I am 16 and i can’t wait till new years because i plan on getting drunk. WASTED!! And i plan on taking makeda and Krysten down with me when i get busted for DUI. Hehehehe Since makeda is busy at the moment having another argument with her  so called “best friend” krysten, i’ll finish this thing up. Life is nice and full of bliss. The only thing wrong is that it’s full of hata’s! I have to go now for i know who stole the toilet paper.

P.s. Tri-Cities is the best high school in the world!!!! Screw Dutchtown!<words from Kiara, NOT MAKEDA. But she doesn’t like it either.

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  1. Wow, Makeda, I did not believe that you were aquainted with people like that! Here is was believing that you attended a private Catholic school in uptown New York. Wow! Was I so wrong. I mean, I really admired your perfect grammer, high A’s, and upstanding morals…

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