Oh Wow! ” A tale of two cities” is the best book i’ve ever read!!!! I mean sure…..it’s not very interesting, watching paint dry is more exciting and it doesn’t have that Harry Pottter feel that we teens so sorely need. But it is a good book never the less.( could you feel the sarcasm S-ai-rah?) Bored Now!!! Okay, let’s see………..i NEED to get out of my house! Teens need to be out on a Friday night, not locked up in a room watching Buffy the vampire slayer re-runs(not that i do that or anything) I need a social life big time!!! Living through my friends is no longer an option. Face it Sarah, we must break away from kelli.lol.  Alright, i have rambled long enough. I’m sorry if you find this entry hard to read. I am currently intoxicated. Yeah, i have been sniffing my black sharpie and I’m luvin’ it. ( Ignore that last part. On second thought, ignore the whole entry. This was never here. It’s all part of your imagination). Okay, i’m really gonna go now. I’m leaving. Bye. See-ya later. Did i  mention that i was leaving? lol

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  1. don’t LEAVE me!!!! How could i make it through Drs. Fagan & Gore without your kind, generous support?! by the way, i have as little of a social life as y’all, i spent last night running the concessions stand at my brother’s wrestling match, and getting hit on by a bunch of middle schoolers! they all thought i was their age. Dang. i HATE being short 😡

  2. haha…i have a social life:p….lol, when i go out i’ll have enough fun for y’all, k? hahahaha just kidding….
    …lol, and maekda, how was that party?:wink:

  3. lol yes, that was a typo..i realized i spelled it wrong after i hit enter but i didn’t feel like putting another comment just to correct a typo….

  4. ok, first, u have no room to complain… NO room! there is a perfect guy out there for you…….o wait! its not likeu have to go searching for him your entire life ! hes in our freakin history class!! speaking of breaking from kelli, it sounds like she has some type of hold over you…tale of two cities..good?! what?! have you been READING the book, or listen to kelli tell her own, romantised version?!

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