Um apparently, no one likes the sad makeda(aarti) so i could pretend like i feel better or i could just write an angry letter and send it your way(j/k sort of).Today was a better day, but not that great. I feel overwelled by school work. It feels like we’re having more than last semester. Maybe it’s just me, but i’m getting STRESSED! And to top this GREAT day off, i have to rewrite my log book for the science fair ( Dr. Fagan ia butt hole)(wow, i’m really pissed off. lol) I wrote the entire thing in pencil and today he says that it has to be in ink. I know where he can put his ink.(). Then, i have to finish my science fair project. Doesn’t that mean that i have to start it? This should be a fun( did you smell the sarcasm?) I’m just going to lie my way through, and if i’m lucky, i can end this year with a nice, respectable 70. Oh how i wish.

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  1. I don’t like the sad makeda. when people are sad i get sad. screw dr.fagan hes a freako of nature anyways:eek: try your best on the project. i HATE science fairs they make me wanna puke but you know you have to do it. love ya

  2. hey sorry bout the bad day… getting checked out tomorow at 2 for a physical, but im coming back for conditioning……..hope to see u! yeah this will be soooooo much fun……….all of us together, running and sweating and lifting weights, how fun! (definate sarcasm)…..

  3. lol, make up the science fair…it’s only 10% of your grade…that’s equivalent to his quizzes…what’s your topic? lol, mine’s easy to make up…i just have to put numbers…i haven’t done my experiment on nearly as many people as i should have….oh well….lol, and i didn’t mean that you have to hide how you’re feeling with the sad makeda remark..that’s hard, i know from experience, so don’t do that…ttyl!

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