Good morning everybody. How is it possible to go to bed alright and wake up with a headache? I’m still tired and kinda grumpy. I have decided to convert to another religion. While everyone else is home on saturdays, i’m at church. I love it, but then i wanna sleep in. I didn’t go yesterday, so YAY for sleep. Okay now i feel bad, where’s my bible? I feel really bad.

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  1. Come to church with me, we go on Sundays. By the way, conviction is of the Holy Spirit, guilt is not. PS_ when you find that bible, look up 1 Peter 2:2 and 2 peter 1:3 cheers, dahling!!!!!!

  2. hey, you can always turn hindu….lol just kidding…
    and uhh….that lil’ comment…i left something for you to read…hahahahaha
    p.s.- i like the new layout….

  3. ok, so my whole play tennis after school thing didn’t work…i couldn’t find sandi so i just went home…and now i’m wondering if you want to play tennis tomorrow, cuz i need to practice at least once this weekend!!! lemme know!!

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