UH hey. I was stressed over my science fair project, but i got a 95 so yay for me. I might be going to the science fair, but i’m not really interested. Plus, the paper work is due tomorrow and i forgot everything in my locker. Thanks aarti!!! You had me distracted by making me hold your crap.Okay, here is my apology list:

1) Kelli, i am so sorry for what happened in drama. I am a bad friend and i let you down(laughter sucks). I promise never to talk to you again. I won’t be offended if you ignore me.

2) Kelli (i owe you alot of apologies)I’m sorry for giving you your first ever “C”

3) Aarti(haha). You didn’t tell me about tennis! But i’m sorry that you didn’t have anyone to play with. I’ll play Thursday.

4)Caroline, i know you don’t have a xanga site, but i am sorry that you are a BDL!!!

5) Sarah, i owe you an apology because i am saying sorry to everyone else and i don’t want you to feel left out.

6) Ste-PHONY, I am SO sorry that kelli ALWAYS has to sit in the middle.j/k kelli.

Okay, that’s enough for one day. Oh yeah i am sorry for hitting my little sister. It didn’t happen yet, but i am sure it will.

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  1. Makeda, DON”T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! I haven’t had that much fun in Drama class since the day we saw “THE HAIR” seriously, it was no big deal, and if you don’t talk to me, then you might see my face on the 6 o’clock news…….

  2. ooooooooooooooo! sexual harassment! well, i was reading down the list, and then i saw my name, and now i DO feel special! thanks…….and kelli isnt mad at you for laughing, it really is funny…kelli needs to be around you more, not only do you bring her perfect grades down, but you really know how to calm her down…lol

  3. aw i’m sorry…i had no idea you would forget your stuff by helpinpg hold my stuff….i sowie:(…try to go to the county fair with me please! I need someone to keep me company! Charles and Richard are cool people, but i have a feeling they’ll be talkin amongst themselves and kinda’ leaving me out of things….please come!!! forge your mom’s signature!!

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