Well, i played tennis today with Johnathan, Sarah, Nathan, and uh…..Aarti. I  don’t think i suck, but aarti really was being a jerk about it. But hey, we’ll play and then we’ll see who sucks.Anyway, sarah, my mom said that it was okay for us to play tomorrow. I feel bad because Johnathan didn’t have a ride home. I left at about 6:00 and he was still standing there. I couldn’t even give him a ride because i was riding with someone else. I’M SORRY JAY!! Okay….let’s see……………………there’s nothing left to see, so byebye.

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  1. so, you know aarti reads your xanga, right? i accept your apology, but i don’t want to be sucked into that.

  2. lol yeah, aarti does read your xanga…and you know i was just kidding!! aww i’m sorry makeda, i was just kidding around….wow, i feel really bad now…i really am sorry, you play well! lol, the “not hitting the ball” comment was just a joke, i’ve done that plenty of times! i sowie….:(

  3. ok, i’m gonna’ start to back off on the “you’re a dork, that’s lame, and you suck” sarcastic comments, because obviously it’s no longer funny….

  4. okay, look, you: i AM okay!!! i’m sorry if you didn’t want her to know about last night. chemistry sucks. both types.

  5. 1st time you mentione “chemistry: funny in a morbid, obscure way. 2nd time: getting old, but hey, that’s okay. 5,671th time: Not funny! Drop it! you are wonderful and a good friend, but telling sarah to go to a teacher could land us both in a hot mess that neither one of us deserves, so please don’t. if you were joking then i’m very sorry i overreacted, you know how melodramatic i am.

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