No tennis today. I kinda wanted to do it. Ahhhhhh!! No more code words. Thanx kelli. It was fun calling u names while it lasted. J/k

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  1. i don’t care if you call me names. i really don’t. i’m okay, and i’m looking forward to spending tme with you, sarah, and possibly my dear friend caroline tomorrow! see you later!!!! >big grin< :goodjob:

  2. i wasn’t trying to beat the i’m okay thing into your head, i guess my fingers took over my brain for a minute. i don’t think i even realized i put that in there.

  3. what? i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to tick you off. :whocares: that is supposed to be a sad face by the way, i don’t know why it’s called a who cares face.

  4. mmmm….bacon, except she didn’t bring it…lol, thanks for the comment makeda…it uhh, really helped me feel better…lol….

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