I am sooooooooo tired today. And depressed and kinda sad. Okay, my brother is a jerk and i am tired of his crap. I’m gonna put a hit out on him. I’m , sorry for saying that, but he isn’t a really nice person. My mom doesn’t even scream at him when he’s being mean or trying to beat me up.. I think i’ll pour something hot on him as he sleeps. . Maybe that’s too far, but i might put some moldy cheese in his mouth. The loser snores. Anyway………. my day sucked. Thanks to people telling me things that i already know about myself. LOSERS!! My friend Kiara sent me these pictures to cheer me up:

Kittens!!!! I love them. They might make me break out in hives and swell up like a hot air balloon, but i still love them. Today was the last day of tennis try-outs. If i don’t make it, i’ll be disappointed, but i” get over it. It won’t be the worst part of my life. Yay for ice-cream *sob* and cookie dough *sob* and…..and……..i need a tissue. lol

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  1. i absolutely love the layout…as you know, i havent been on for like a week! i cant believe u called me a bdl..im am so NOT a dyke..and if i recall correctly, you were “fixing your pants”,,,,,,,,lol
    it was fun,. thanx for coming! we’ll ahve to do it again : )

  2. hola! i could maul caroline for saying that. YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you need me to say it again, i will. YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 see ya tomorrow chica!!!!!

  3. You didn’t bother me. i should have been more sensitive to the whole tennis results thing, i just honestly didn’t think that you had found out that early in the morning. i am self-absorbed, though, and sometimes i need to be reminded that i am not the best thing since sliced bread, so thanks :sunny: :coolman: by the way, you’ll never guess who sat next to me in drama today. it was our friend with the horrible sweater. I freaked out!!!!! lol. i hope you start feeling better, none of my classes were any fun without you. :fun:

  4. ok, yeah see i tried to be nice…i’m not one to hug very quickly and i was like “o, she might be disappointed” so i was a good friend and tried to console…but hey, whatever floats your boat…lol, and are you feeling a little better after being checked out?

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