Awwwwww!! I just finished watching “the notebook” and i started to cry. It is sooooooo sad. I need  my dream guy NOW!!!! This movie made me want to get a boyfriend  so that i could just tell him i love him. < This is lame…but i think it’s sweet.  I Need a Valentine!!

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  1. :heartbeat::love:Yo yo yo!! Hey Makeda, it was very nice to meet you as well!! Haha, being Kelli’s friend is always an experience.    Have a beautiful day, hope I get to see you again sometime!! God bless, cheers!


  2. awww, we were going to rent that movie, but it was all gone by the time we got there (they probably hid all the good movies when they saw me coming- i was feeling lazy, and not in the mood for shorts or pants, so i put on my hoochie beach skirt and a hoodie, they didnt match, but like i said, i was feeling lazy) anyway, was it good!?
    ps- you’ll will meet him sometime (real inspiring, huh?!)

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