I have nothing to say. Sarah, i’m sorry that i didn’t come to your match. I went home and i had a substitute bus driver. I got dropped off about a mile away from where i live. Then i had to walk home. I reached my house at about 4:30. Yay for excersise. Then, i asked my mom to drop me back off at school and she said NO!! All that for nothing. I’m so sorry!!!!!!!!!  Did you win? Yes? yay!!!!   No? I’m sorry! Lol.

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  1. blahblah…..heeeheeeeheeeee…..yay for exercise. makedacita, stop trying to annoy me. it doesn’t work. i am unannoyable. lol. :nono:

  2. what are you smoking, kelli?! well, i am sorry that the bus driver put you through hell, but that is nothing compared to what i went through…JUST KIDDING..i won! yay..lol..its okay, i missed your support, but i probably wouldnt have been able to concentrate! bye
    yay i won

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