This is why my friends and i never make plans. They always get thrown out the window. Saturday night, we were all suppose to go to the movies in Atlanta. Half way there, they scrap the idea and decide to go bowling.( sorry aarti, i was planning on seeing hitched. Darn! lol) I didn’t inform my mother of these plans, so when i got back at 1:30 in the morning, she wasn’t very happy. So now i’m grounded. Yay for randomness. But let’s be serious for a moment….what does being grounded mean to me. It means that i won’t be able to go outside(no problem, it’s cold anyway), i won’t be able to hang out with my friends for a week( again, no big deal. they have school all next week and). My mother might take away phone time(Good!  i dont call anyone and no one calls me). And the last empty threat would be to take away my computer. Ha!! Take away my computer????!!!! You don’t think she was serious do you. Hold on i have to barricade my door……………………. Okay i’m back. No computer for a whole week ??How will is survive. Oh yeah, i won’t be here!!.  Well, i don’t care, because what good is a computer if i’m not even home. hahaha. My dad should be here at 12:00 and then bye bye Makeda. Hehehehehe. I got away with it!!!! Ah hahaha ahhaha!!!hahahahahhaha

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  1. ok, remember when (this was a while back) i told you i’m a very guarded person that doesn’t really talk about how i’m feeling? and that there are things that really have hurt me but i don’t wanna talk about it? ok, well i need to tell someone before i go crazy…so yeah…IM me when you have the chance….

  2. ok nevermind, i’m good now….i know that probably got you worried and it was drama queenish on my part…but i’m alright now…it’s just that this whole death thing got me thinkin’ about some people that, well…it just got me thinkin’ about some people…lol i’m good i promise….:)

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