I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was nice to Caroline today!!! Go me. Kelli, you missed it my friend.We were nice to each other. We had three chances to “swipe” away any bad thing we said today. So we had like three chances. Caroline abused this privilege of course. She used all her swipes in 1 minute in a conversation that went a little like this:

Caroline: Makeda i hate you

Me:  *tear*

Caroline: Swipe. Your such a BDL

Me:  *sob*

Caroline: Swipe. hehe. You’re such a loser Makeda


Caroline: hahahaha SWIPE!!!! Okay, now i’ll be nice to you.


Today was crazy. I had to bite my bottom lip so that i wouldn’t say something mean. It’s called self-control. Learn it!!!! Yay for more practice until 7:00. I have such a headache. Ms. Watford looks nice, but when we get on the courts, she’s like you RETARDS!!!! hit the F***ing Ball!!!! We all went home crying. No lie!!!!!. Wild and crazy fun!!! Wild and Crazay fun!!


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  1. lol aww poor makeda….you know, you should come over sometime and we can play some real tennis, i promise i won’t yell at you or tell you to hit the f******* ball….lol~SLI

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