Wuz up my people’s? Word!!Bruno pushed me into a locker after 4th period. Isn’t he so romantic? He didn’t even flirt with me today.. I was looking forward to smelling his cheap cologne and looking into that lemon face of his. DARN, or in our french speaking countries, ZUT!!!! There is an upside this awful day, I learned how to tie my shoes today!!! It took many hours and many skillful shoe tie-ers, but i got it!!! Go me! Who’s your daddy? Or in this case, Mommy? And go kelli!! I would like to congratulate her on her award in chemistry. Yup, she recieved an award for the lamest joke ever told in dutchtown history. You freshmans have some work to do if you want to beat Miss Kelli C. Well, i was talking to courtney and brook and we all decided that kelli is so quiet, we don’t notice her. Kelli retaliates with telling courtney that at least people don’t notice her because of her funny face. There was dead silence, then a unanimous vote declared kelli as a loser( i love you kelli). Haha. Funny day man. Wild and crazay stuff.


4 responses to “”

  1. o, poor you, at least you didnt lose your match…. : (
    the ppl were jerks too…and they lived in the boonies, they suck….well, hopefully we will do better tomorrow…hopefully is definately the key word…lol
    wow, kelli is a humiliation to us all…..ahahahahahaha

  2. shut up SEDIYAH!! oh, and by the way, if i wasn’t corny, then y’all would never laugh. you know that that was the highlight of the day. God made me corny, and if you don’t like it, then just go away.:cry:

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