This weekend is turning out to be okay . I went to the movies yesterday and guess who i saw at stake and shake. RAE. Ahhhhhhhhhh. She works there.(loser). Uhhhhh. She sucks. My sister went to the hospital today to get her tonsils removed. Yesterday was just her pre-op. She is really being a big cry baby. She made us take her out yesterday b/c she wanted to eat something good before her tonsils were ripped out of her throat. Yay for pudding and yogart for a week. You would think that a little kid would be afraid of getting their tonsils removed, but not my sister. She is more concerned about her food. I’m bored now. I am kinda jealous of everyone and their xanga entries: Aarti wrote in gangsta slang, kelli wrote about being depressed and Sarah wrote something very sad( and true). And i’m stuck here writing about my sister. I have no life!!!!!!!!!!!! **tear**

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  1. sweetheart, after that drama monologue, you aren’t allowed to have any more excitement. by theway, i like the song on my xanga!!:)

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