Well, i just got back from sarah’s house. It waas fun stuff man. We went to her church and helped some “under-privileged” kids. We got hit on by a swarm of angry mexicans. I greeted all of them with an hola and comme estas. I said hola to one kid and he goes ” I speak english!”. Okay you retard. lol. It was fun. We talked about each other and we agreed on how much kelli sucks. j/k. We missed you and your “Dang-whoa-dang”. Loser! j/k Wild and crazy fun!!

~ if i spelled any spanish words wrong, it’s because i don’t take spanish ’cause it sucks A**

~peace and chicken grease. I’ll let sarah talk about our “scary-movie incident”. Let me just finish this typing with my strong hand.lol

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