Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I was really excited about this stupid research paper, but now i’m not so happy. I don’t even have a topic!! I have stupid scattered ideas that don’t even go together. One minute i’m writing about The harlem renaissance, the next minute, i’m  looking up a tale of two cities.This sucks a**!

Now for my almost weekly apology list:

1) Caroline, i’m really sorry if i push you overboard sometimes. You’re just a really easy target. But i’ll lay off of the big head jokes *cough*

2) Kelli, i’m really sorry about lunch. We were all being jerks and we should have stopped when you asked. Bad us( It was sarah’s fault! That’s Sarah Belcher with a B.)

3) Sarah, I’m sorry for blaming you for what happened at lunch in apology #2, but i needed someone to blame. So hey, why not?

4) Aarti, (so you won’t feel left out) I’m sorry that you’re only 3 feet tall. I’ll walk on my knees one day to see how it feels down there. J/k. I just had to put that joke in there. You are normal size and the rest of us are the freaks

Uh, okay  that’s all folks!!

~I’m sorry if  i offended anyone in my *cough* apology list^^*cough*. Huh?

4 responses to “”

  1. thanks for clarifying that spelling, makeda, i’ll need that when i write up that report for mr. slaughter.

  2. makeda, WHY did you appologise to kelli?! i told her we only made fun of her bc we were not brave enough to admit it……..and she was……..haahhahaha………oooooooooo, that was a good one, kelli!

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