Happy Easter Saturday!!!!!!!!! Haha. I’m seventh day adventist so i won’t have church tomorrow. Yay for celebrating on the wrong day. But hey, if aarti can do it, so can i. Happy Holi aarti. lol.

Okay, on a more serious note, i went with sarah and kelli to kelli’s church to see passion of the Christ. Oh man. I saw the movie before, but i never really saw it like that. It was kind of diffrent. I cried the first time i saw it , but the second time around, it actually got to me and i couldn’t stop shaking(Either because i was so emotional or because Kelli wouldn’t let go of my hand) lol. Just kidding kelli. It actually helped to have someone there watching it with me Versus  watching it on a very lonely saturday night by myself. Well, i have to go. God bless! And happy Easter saturday !

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  1. lol oops….let’s all mess up the holidays!!! haha, i’m guessin’ the ?? meant you want to know what holi is….holi is basically the day for mischief…in india everyone is off from work or school, and traditionally, you get a big group together and throw colored powder at each other, drink laasi (drink i brought to french that one day), and the newlywed brides plays tricks on her in-laws….it’s really fun…like an EXTREMELY exaggerated april fools day….it started because a holy figure in our religion (Lord Krishna) was very mischievious as a child…and to honor that…Holi came about….
    and also during holi, it’s said that old, torn relationships are reunited….
    lol, good enough?

  2. i can take care of that movie in another language thing….you know what, you’re going to come over my house one day before wednesday during spring break and we are going to watch indian movies all day…i’ll get bride and prejudice too and we’ll watch that…along with real hindi movies….sound good?

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