This book is sooo boring. I started to read it today and uhhh! It’s starting off really slow. I have to read it because Kate Chopin is one of the women in literature that i’m writing about. I think it’s dumb to do a report on a book i’ve never read, soooooo i’m reading the book………………….. Anywayz, nothin’s new. I get to go to the movies tonight. * Big Grin* Fun stuff man. And then tomorrow, i might go to a play at my beloved Tri-Cities. Fun stuuf again. But for now, i’m just going to write my apology list:

1) I’m sorry Klondike!! Your toes are, uh…….. Just messin’ with ya. Your toes are fine and it was really a joke. A bad joke, but still a joke. So smile. Okay, now stop it.

2) Flippy hair i feel your pain. Well, not as much as you feel it, but i’m really sorry you didn’t make GHP. You made it sooo far and you still have a chance. So smile. Okay, now stop.

3) Sarah, i have no nickname for you, therefore i have no apology.

4) SLI!! MY singing buddy, I’m sorry that i don’t have anything to be sorry about ’cause i didn’t offend you today. Go me! And in the words of kelli : Oh snap!

Goodbye for now, so long my friends lalalalalalalalalalalalalala will this ever end?Haha

P.S. I was just reading some old xanga entries, and i would also like to apologize to myself. I use to actually be nice and no apology list was necessary. I’ve become a jerk and i need to get back on my meds. I’m sorry if i’ve been acting weird lately.On Monday April 11, i will be my old, drugged up self.

^^^^^Joking!( Well some of it was a joke anyway)

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  1. lol…..haha, you make me laugh makeda….
    …ok i just went to go get the movies…i wasn’t able to get bride and prejudice, but i’m going back tomorrow probably to see if they got it….i’m tryin’!!! and i think monday is the best day to come over……i’ll call you….you too sarah….caroline too…..

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