Well, i just got back from Aarti’s house (fun stuff man). We watched Indian movies( Two of them and it took like seven hours.) Oh yeah, Sarah was there also. She said that i was ashy and hairy and…..and…. YOU SUCK!! Anyway, it was fun and i finally got to see a movie in another language( yay for Punjab and Hindi (??). And aarti was a good hostess. We had pilloow fights, ate some pizza and then we mooned the neighbors. Okay, only aarti mooned the neighbors( someone spiked the spicey yogurt thing) I got to see how incredibly white and ashy sarah is. And thanks to an indian comedian, i now know how abusive Aarti’s parents are( poor SLI).Wild and crazy suff, Wild and crazy! Aarti, it was fun. Tell me how your parents vacation went. Where are they going? Hawaii? The science fair will be much cooler than that! Don’t worry.. Long live random dance sequences and spicey yogurt thingy.

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