I’m bored woo-hoo! Well, we go back to school on Monday and this spring break officially sucked.. I think i updated my xanga more than anyone i know. The only thing that i have to look forward to( and i can’t believe that i’m saying this) is the Dogwood festival tomorrow. Wild and crazy stuff man. They have face painting and rock climbing and weird food. I can’t wait. Anywayz……………… since it’s too early to write about what i did this week( i’ll do it tomorrow and hopefully i’ll have something exciting to write about. Maybe a jailed family member.) I’ll just write my apology list. I know, i know. No school and i still find a way to piss people off. LOL. ‘Cause it’s fuuuun!

1) Aarti, I usually don’t apologize to you , but today is your day my SLI friend. Let’s see………………….. Yeah, nope! Sorry for getting your hopes up, but you don’t get an apology.

2) Sarah, i’m sorry that you’re so pale and ashy. lol. j/k

3) I have to apologize to my sister for pushing her out of the house at 9:30, into the cold/windy/rainy night(haha) I made her stand out there for like 15 minutes while i read her “diary”.Haha that was so funny. Bad, but funny. I’m sorry lispin’!

I don’t have any stories of me being crushed by my fridge or of my non-stop eating rituals(don’t ask). Nope, all i have is my apology list and a box of star crunches. That’s all folks!

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