Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I was just in my garage doing stuff(bouncing tennis balls off of the wall)and before i closed the door, i checked to see if it was locked. IT WASN’T. So i was in there for like 5 minutes when i got a little hungry( big suprise). I grabbed some chips and went back to playing my wall-tennis. Well, when i was finally ready to go inside…….( and this is where it gets weird) The door was locked!!!!! I knocked and knocked, but i eventually opened the garage door and went through a window at the front of my house. I had to yank the screen off and now my fingers are all hurty. So who was the wise guy that locked me out? I don’t know. Weird,….. and now i’m all creeped out. I’m asking myself all of these serious questions like: Did i really check the lock?, Was the door really open?, Was i even really playing wall- tennis? Who knows? It’s all a big mystery to me. ( This is where we play the twilight zone music)

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