This weekend was crazy! I went to the wing festival on Saturday with a couple of girls and the one odd ball guy. It was downtown and soooo crowded. We all wore open toed shoes and everyone got their toes stepped on and crushed. The lines were sooo freakin long. My friend kiara made me stand on the funnel cake line for over a half an hour. But, it was worth it in the end. We fllirted and got hit on by the many bums, i mean homeless people, of Atlanta. There were guys in wheel chairs blocking pedestrian traffic so i took hold of one guys wheel chair and i pushed his ass in an alley. j/k. Right……… just kidding. I got a couple of phone numbers ( i didn’t want them i swear) from pushy old guys with gold teeth. We were out there from 2 P.M until 6:30. My feet are all hurty(haha kelli.) When a white girl( no offense) started singing wade in the water, i knew it was time for us to get out of there.Fun stuff , wild and crazy stuff. My sunday was spent cleaning Kiara’s basement. Uh yeah, that was not wild and crazy stuff. Okay bye bye now. I don’t wanna got to school tomorrow and i think my nose is broken.

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  1. sorry i didnt walk w/u i was in art and it was a friggin long walk, and so i didnt meet you………SORRY!
    i am going to the play tomorrow…….i will probably go w/ rachelle (rachel) but w/e
    UPDATE LOSER!!!!!!!!

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