Yay for updates! My cousins are here and they are a handfull. Ummmmm boys are gross and don’t ever marry one. Anyway, we dropped my brother and cousins over to my aunts house so that we could get some peace and quiet. And i can walk around the house nakey if i wanted to. Not that i do that or anything. It’s been a cool weekend. I saw Adrean and Channel at blockbuster stalking their working boy Patrick. Ewwww. On a much sadder note, one of my great aunts died in New York on Thursday. My cousins were going to stay for the funeral but……………………………………….

Anyway, i have to give major props to Kelli A.K.A “Flippy”. She did great and I loved it!! I have to go bye bye now ’cause i’m tired and i wanna so i can.

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