I feel sick. I’m tired and aggrivated and no one even knows that i’m home. I’m sorry, but i need a little bit of attention or else i’ll go insane.( literally.) When everyone leaves and my mom walks into my room and sees me 500 lbs. over weight and addicted to porn, it will be all her fault! << Maybe that was too far. I hate when people talk to you and care about you, but as soon as someone else is around, they forget you. Gosh, listen to me. It’s only been a week and i sound like a neglected Ethiopian child. Okay i am going to stop complaining now.

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  1. you do realize, dont you, that skipping IS bad?! yes, i can honestly say that it is…. bad makeda
    makeda, i dont hink you could ever be more than 100 pounds, and i dont wan to think about you looking at porn…kelli would say that that is wrong also, but i would have to disagree…….JUST kidding!
    ok too long……….bye

  2. see, if you actually come to school…you would be surrounded by friends who would pay attention to you….but nooooo you just can’t do that! :wha:…lol just kidding, ditto up top makeda…

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