I don’t wanna update!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh WAH!!!:wha:
    This is going to be my attempt at writing a lengthy comment to you. So….. what’s kickin’?  i am excited about doing a project in chem with you and aarti. How’s lispin’ ? Carolinwe and I were talking about you while we walked. it was very fun. it was, of course, all nice stuff. okay, makeda, does this sound stilted to you?
    sooooo….. man, i have a crudload of things to do this weekend. i need to finish my research paper, do a spanish project, clean house, cook for my mommy, print invitations for my party, and maybe start work on chem, plus i would like to do some research on WWII. dang. high school is busy!
    my house is being listed tomorrow. i haven’t said anything because i am usually immediately attacked/rebuffed the moment i mentioned it. but, on a lighter note, i have decided that i am going to attack the front office and demand a change from afternoon exams tyo morning exams. staying until 3:30 on the last day of school is ridiculous. and it makes me sad. grrrrrrrrr….
    makeda, makeda, you are so nice! if you were a form of water, you would be ice! because you are so cool, and you don’t even drool! there is a poem for you. anyways, goodnight!

  2. ^lol, wow kelli….you know, i can say so much about the length of that…but i’ll be nice….hehe:)
    P.S.- makeda, by making an entry saying you don’t wanna’ update…you are, in fact, updating…..hypocrite!!! lol loser….

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