I did it!!!!!! I cooked dinner for my mommy for mother’s day. She works tomorrow so i did the whole gift/dinner thing today. Okay, i cooked Dijon Chicken w/ some pasta thingy i got off of the internet. I did it all by myself( my mom cut the chicken b/c I don’t do well with sharp objects) And…………..hold your applause……………..It was actually good! And my idea of good is that i didn’t make anyone gag or have to be immediately rushed to the hospital. Yup, no sudden bowel movements or anything of the sort. I kinda rock, don’t yall agree? I also took my mom to see monster in law w/ Jennifer Lopez(Very funny movie). I went one step further to spoil Ms. Yvonne Declet and i bought her a candle set thingy.

On a much funnier note, my brother gave her a card. Cheap, but nice right? WRONG! It was a christmas card that she bough two years ago, with the word christmas scratched out and replaced w/ Mother’s day. Haha. Funny kid. Fun day!

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  1. hahahahahahahaha…christmas card?!? lol….
    awww makeda you’re such a good daughter….lol, what did little lisp sister do?

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