I had a fun weekend. My butt is all scraped up from tubing. I fell out twice and i was the only spaz to do it. Sarah did it! She made me walk in 20 degree water and then she tried to beat me up. I was abused and misused and cold!! Cold, Cold, Cold! We couldn’t flip kelli or even wet her because she claimed she would die. Poor flippy! She was like this pale, blonde thingy floating in the water. lol. And don’t get me started on Caroline and her friend megan(??) They bring new meaning to the name dike. lol. j/k.

On a better note, this is the last week of school. I’ll miss alot of things such as Dr. Gore and Algebra, Mrs. Allen and English class. They made this entire school year worth it. I really want to go back to my old school now, but it’s hard. I have things holding me back in both places. Some of my best friends are in Tri-cities and my drama program. And i have new friends in Dutchtown and I am SGA president, so that is holding me back. Uhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The truth is that i have more to gain by leaving Dutchtown than by staying. I don’t know. How will dutchtown look on a High school transcript? Uhhhh…….Go Bulldogs?

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  1. i was NOT pale!!! and sarah got me wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 anyhow, we don’t think you are a spaz AT ALL!!!!!!!!! it was funny that you flipped out. hmmmm, tell you what, we’ll all go tubing again this summer and you can flip me THREE times so you won’t feel like a spaz. i am bruised too!!! oh well, there is a price to fun. i am not even going to comment on the eastwest thing. you know EXACTLY how i feel. by the way, the wonderful mushroom head would be GLAD to teach you next year, and i’m sure dr.gore will miss you too.

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