No one is commenting, but i’m still updating. Kelli is off to one of her bible camp thingy’s, Sarah is out of her mind going to rodeo’s and hitting on old guys, Aarti is in India, and Caroline…………..well Caroline is probably preparing for summer school. lol. j/k My report card finally came and i got 5 A’s and a…..uh……sneeze! Sooooooooo changing the subject…….i filled out a couple of job applications; like at Mcdonalds. But no one’s called me back yet. I have the sneeking suspicion that they don’t like me. You know that you’re worthless when you can’t get a job at Mcdonalds!

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…poor you
    you know, if ashanti henry ccan get a job @ o’charlies, you should (in all fairness) be able to work at mcdonalds…..sorry you are bored, and sorry i havent updated in a while…tomorow is the dreaded day

  2. Your doing better than me! I got like 1 A [[100 :o)]] –  4 Bs and … well I just missed summer school with dr. Gore lol The only reason I have a job is because my mom is the director person there. [[great…]] ttyl ❤

  3. ^^ Don’t count on very much help. Hey, at least that sneeze won’t land you in summer school, right?? Dr. Gore is an idiot. my grade in his class is 5 points higher than it should be. i wonder why he gave me 5 points? the man doesn’t even like me. oh, by the way, i’m back home.

  4. shdbgferhbvgfh fhdfhgbvg gyufgh gt dhiguh yeah. i said that, whatcha going to do about it. hahahahaha i have your profile pic on my wall. that’s an old picture. mmm mmm good. i love cambells but that new mexican thing of soup really sucks. fried tortiallas and cheerys don’t go together. peace -mjc 😮

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