Okay, Okay. This summer is finally starting to take shape. I did the whole girl interupted act and i drove my friends car on the highway. Kiara was just like “i’m tired, you drive.” I swear, i was soooo paranoid. I thought that we were being followed by the cops the whole 2 exits. What? How long did you think i drove? I can only maintain the bad girl act for so long, before my makeda-ness kicks in and i start to imagine kelli in my ear whispering “do the right thing!” We took a very exciting trip to the mall. We looked, we touched, we were broke, so we left.Very exciting stuff. I was hit on by this 21 year old guy who smelled like crap and taco’s(??). lol. We also parked somewhere in College Park and walked aroung for like 1 minute. We were living dangerous!! It’s funny because we were suppose to go to the movies, but we blew our money on gas instead and we drove all day, sticking our heads out the window and whistling at old guys. Not too bad for a Tuesday. NO??

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  1. I’m glad i have such an influence on you. You know how to do the right thing. was it fun? hmmm. i miss you. i would invite you over for some national geographic craziness, but my mommy now has my stomach virus. how i don’t know, she avoided me like death the whole time i had it. oh well, on that particularly pleasant note i leave you.

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