Summer is officially here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sarah has been gone like forever.

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  1. Whaddya mean summer is finally here???? what have these last, oh, 3 weeks been?????????? i think sarah fell into a black hole.

  2. haha…you got hit on by a 21-year-old?! i got hit on by a 50-year-old at the airport who had missing (and some gold) teeth, he called me pretty and gave me a vegetarian cook book…?!?!?…talk about crazy…………….oh yeah, then a guy on the plain back tried to talk to me, and was all, so where do you live? and kept blabbing on, and then said something bout graduating from highschool (so he’s older than 18)…and then something aout grduating from college (so hes older than 22)…and finally was all ‘my wife works for delta’………..what the…?!? he’s hitting on a sixteen-year-old, and he’s MARRIED?!
    okay, that was a long story……..charles would be proud………bye

  3. Charles was somewhat proud, although he didn’t think there were enough big words. 
    Also Kelli, anyone who’s anyone knows that June 21st is the Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer.

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