I hate summer and i hate summer AP work and i hate everything that has to do with AP biology. Ahhhhhhh!!! Stupid ecosystems and stuff. <<Wow!! That one smiley captured my entire ball of emotions. You go mr. smiley with your bad self.

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  1. i typed up three chapters of vocab words, only to find that i must write an individual word on a notecard…how gay is that?!
    i got my books today…angela’s ashes is so sad

  2. ^^ that makes me giggle sarah. hmmm. as of the 1st, caroline and sarah will both be gone. that leaves makeda and i to hold down the fort. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dont get upset…makeda’s biting sarcasm is a reflection of her empty, boring summer
    just kidding…i will get back around the 9th, so we’ll have to get together…..was my comment funny?! i didnt think so, kelli must be going crazy…just kidding
    when are you going to ny?!

  4. ^ Hey, don’t hate. by this point, I’m reading sections of the biology book and cracking up. justkidding. riiight, “just kidding.” anyways, makeda, if you are that bored, you need to do something. like watch the discovery channel. Oh, i Get it!:giggle: < that smiley, those little yellow spheres are his HANDS!!! good grief, i’ve been trying to figure that out for like 2 months!!!

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