I have a sun burn on my face!!!! I went swimming today at the man-made beach in Clayton county. I was there from 8:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening. I am sooooo tired. My aunt barbequed, but everything else sucked. I didn’t have anyone to talk to and i spent the entire time looking after the little people and eating, Eating, EATING!!!!! Then we stood around looking at the lack of fireworks until we all decided to go home.Did i mention that my face is peeling? Goodbye!!!!! And happy fourth of July!!!

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  1. wow – That’s really gross Makeda. lol But yes, I know how you feel. Looking after little people is NOT fun. And guess where I work?? An elementary school! [[there’s a LOT of little people there]] Take care ❤ God Bless

  2. i called you back, no one was home…then i thought it would be too late to call you after that….i sowie

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    *cough *cough, CRISPIN’!!!!

  4. hey i called you again today, and no one was home….are y’all ever home? call me when you get the chance…i have to favor (BIG favor) to ask of you….

  5. do you have any idea HOW hard it is to get in touch with you? i’ve been trying allllllll day!!! do me a favor…if you read this in time, call me around 11:30ish (AM)…that way, i can actually have a conversation with you!

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