Oh boy!!!! This evening was just full of bad luck. At around 7:00 my mom, my sister and I all decided to got to walmart and to the ATM. Well, my mom didn’t realize that we didn’t have any gas until we were too far away to walk back home and too far away to walk to walmart. The car started to jerk and then it rolled to a stop. My mom barely had enough time to get it on a side street. So there we were on Flippen RD.(I think) and we walked all the way to walmart. It took us about 15 minutes(we walk fast). We were going to go the ATM inside walmart, but it was…..BROKEN!!!!!!!! We had to cross that huge intersection next to Zaxby’s to get to the Western Union and thankfully, their ATM was all NOT-BROKENY. Then we walked all the way back to walmart. We had to get a jug so that we could take gas back to our car. My little sister was fooling around and she cut her ear on one of those sharp hook things. It is a really bad cut. We called a cab and when we were pulling up to our deserted car (that has been infront of someone house for the past 2 hours) the cops were there all ready to tow our asses. We had to talk to the cops and tell them what happened. Our cab driver took off so fast when he saw the cops(he must have been an illegal immigrant. lol) Oh boy!!! So we drove back home and more bad luck came. My mom was putting the gas jug in the trunk and her key got stuck. So now my mom is on her way to the hospital to get my sister stitches with a key in the trunk. Ha!! Beat that! Bad luck sucks and my whole body aches. And walmart is stupid!!! And so are illegal immigrants!!!(This entry was too serious to have any smiley’s!)

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  1.  I’m sad for you Mekeda.  😥  I hope things get better and your sister’s ear is ok and that you don’t have to walk all the way to walmart ever again and that run on sentences don’t haunt you forever  ❤ take care

  2. EXCUSE ME! ^what is that all about?!^    why is jen talking to you?
    i hope you are all right after that traumatic experience (pshhh)
    is your face un-hurty now?! my shoulders are very dark, but my stomach is still pale…darn

  3. all of me is still pale. one of the little kids at the VBS (he was 3 years old) ran up to me, gave me a hug, then looks at me and says, “Casper!” yeah…..  by the way, i hope deja is better. that sounds quite painful.:jealous:

  4. hey you! there’s something called communicating with friends, try it sometime!
    and i hope your sister is better too!

  5. guess what?? i went outside to play tennis and ended up whacking myself on the knee and creating a horrific bruise. it’s a very pretty blue and lavendar color though. you know, to coordinate with my pink skin. :shysmile:

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