I’m backkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m never stepping foot in another airport as long as i live. This whole weekend was just crazy.

Friday: As soon as we got to NY, my aunt and i found out that we didn’t have a ride from the airport. So we called my cousins to come pick us up. They got a flat tire and we had to wait an hour before they came. Then, we went all the way to long island where we were tricked into doing most of the wedding gifts(175 to be exact). Then we had to go check into our hotel, get changed and find the church for the rehearsal. We got lost and ended up eating white castles and sleeping until the rehearsal dinner started. We were all screamed at for missing the practice, then we ate and went to sleep.

Saturday: We woke up bright and early and my two aunts and my two cousins and i all went to get our hair done. We left the hotel at 9:30 and we went all the way to brooklyn. Keep in mind that the wedding was at 4:30. We didn’t make it back until 5:00. We were screamed at some more and then we went to the church. We finally made our way to the reception dinner thingy at some country club where every one was drunk and dancing including the servers.

Sunday: I was suppose to come back home on sunday. My aunt and i went to the airport at about 11:00 AM. I was riding on my aunt’s buddy pass so i was on stand by the entire time. We went from New york to washington DC. We stayed in the washington airport until 10:00PM and then we slept in a hotel. We went back to the airport at 10:00AM and we got a flight at 1:00PM to Alabama. We finally arrived in Atlanta at 5:00PM on monday. I went around the world in 2 days.

Sooooo that’s my story. I don’t wanna go to school.

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