YaY!!!! We have a very long week ahead of us! Did anyone else notice that ms. Whaler(??) didn’t even mention the great gatsby? Does that mean we don’t have to do it. lol I don’t wanna!!! Two post-it’s on every page? Ahhhh

Long time no update. I know that you all are interested in what i’ve been up to, the boyfriends that i have collected and the people who i have talked about. All of these things are very important. My current list of boyfriends include a gold teeth gangsta who wants to  take me for a ride in his chevy and a short little indian(ewww not AARTI) who is always bothering me and “misplacing” my labs. Oh there are more of them, but my hands are cramping up. I have made fun of Caroline just because she is dating a 12 year old and….that’s about it. I’m bored and tired and i’m afraid of this weekend b/c of how much i’m going to eat, but whatever. It’s going to come sooner or later so i think i’ll start with icecream.

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  1. Yes, I was also smitten with laughter, but I dont think that smiley is flicking off, rather it is waving its finger in an accusatory manner and apparently saying “no no”:fun: now that is a smiley worthy of placing.

  2. haha, yeah i would hope i’m not the short little indian you’re speaking of…using the word boyfriend in the same sentence…lol, do you have a secret to share makeda? lol….haha that’s funny, makeda and ronak sittin’ in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G…lol:lol:

  3. hah – and I thought I was in trouble.  All my boyfriends this week will be somewhere within the range of 5-7 years old.  My “girls” will be within that range also.  Yupp.. this will be a long week.
    Ps. – Ice cream is definitely the best place to start :goodjob:

  4. how could you forget about the white/black:laugh: swimmer with the appetite of a starving person? :goodjob: he’d be a great date (but wait, would you rather be in the backseat of knny’s chevy or in a stinky-chemical pool? tough decision…lol)
    its mrs waller not whaler (she’s not a boat)
    nice touch with the ice cream..that was my second choice friday afternoon (after fritos)

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