Where is everyone? No one updates anymore. Get back to xanga, you myspace whores!!

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  1. I’m not a myspace whore! i still love you! what’s going on for a certain girl’s sweet sixteen??? it is coming up, you know, two weeks from tuesday i bellieve. we need to get together, i don’t care about the play, i just want to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. makeda…that rocks about the play…I was actually looking at that same script for one act for this year before I decided I was leaving…that’s really cool..I’m so proud….and It’s about time you auditioned for a plaY!!!!!!  I still remember you and kelli BARELY making it through your little scene in drama class from laughing so hard!  Let me know when you guys do your next play so I can come and see it!!!! I would love to see it….I’m getting married in January:)see ya!

  3. hahahahahah makeda is BEST friends with mr. wyatt. oh man im laughing sooooo hard right now! lol! makeda i cant wait till tw! we are gonna have soooo much fun! and were gonna eat cake and watch movies and stay up late and talk about boys…

  4. lol. y’all crack me up. man, i remember that scene from drama class. i loved it, and you were so upset about messing up my grade that you swore you would never allow me to work with you again. so, how’s arfie? lol. is your mom going to let you keep him?

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