Fun stuff this weekend. Sarah gave me a kitten for my birthday. His name is Alfie, but everyone insists on calling him something else. My sister calls him rabbit(??)(She’s a weird little person) My mom calls him pepper and my brother calls him a kicking toy. His name is ALFIE!!!!!!!!!(??). We’ll work out the spelling later. lol. Besides the Kitty, Sarah made me an amazing cake and kelli ate 3/4 of it. J/K.

Oh yeah, before that, i went to the movies with aarti, my little sister and aarti’s two little neighbors to see Harry Potter. It was a really..really good movie. I had fun…..yup, good times…haha, Alphie is sleeping on my shoe.

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  1. awwwwwwwwww, definately a-l-f-i-e……but pepper?! rabbit?! whaaaat? and tell your brother to stop abusing it…
    KELLI?! oh, no, that’d be scaroline that ate all the cake…lol

  2. yeah, i remember, i was makig fun of you. i’m glad you got to keep him though. by the way, you spelled his name two different ways, so i’m guessing you don’t even know its name. i had fun, and i loved the cake. every bit of my three-fourths. 🙂

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