I am sooooo sick of some people. After a while, they just start being annoying and you have to ask yourself: why am I their friend?

Anywayyyyyyyzzzzz, fun weekend. My brother’s birthday is on the 7th, so I went with him to look for car parts. lol. He’s such a loser! I can’t wait until we go back to school. Finals are coming up and all i can say is YAAY!! J/K <Obvious sarcasm, but some people don’t get me. lol. Does anyone know when we get our PSAT scores back? Oh well, I’ve been looking into colleges that i can visit this summer. My top 3 choices are:

  1. Clayton state(I really hope i can get in)

  2. Georgia state(Heck yes! The wack version of UGA)

  3. Spelman college(ooh, i’m a big fan of the all-girl, historically black schools)

Well, that’s all folks!!!!!! I’m going to see if i have any more thanksgiving leftovers, wouldn’t it be great if i did? I wonder what the expiration date is one 2 week old turkey.


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  1. *sigh* ? what? i wasn’t talking about you, i promise. just some stuff that has gone on at school lately. what happened to NYU? you can make it, i know you can! and i think you could get a scholarship,too! seriously makeda, you’re good enough. i wouldn’t lie to you.

  2. are you serious? you’re applying to GA State and already threw UGA out of the question? c’mon!!! i need a roommate! you can watch all the indian movies you want there….lol~Aarti

  3. oh makeda youve set your standards too high. clayton state? naw…sorry but there is no way you can make that. try gordon. lol. remember what sarah said last year bout gordon? haha. kelli – you gotta admit it was funny. *sigh* memories…

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