Am i crazy if i don’t wanna wear pink stripes with poka dots? Am i crazay if i think 3+2 should equal a positive number? How about if i believe in God and in magic? Should i be taken to a therapist if i think Ugg boots are Ugg-ly? How about if i hate you and love you at the same time? I think rats are adorable and puppies are gross. I also believe in having a competent president. I like being crazaaaaay. It adds character!!!


10 responses to “”

  1. haha, nice….time…hmmm, you know what…it’s allll up to you, tell me a time you think you can make it and it’ll be that…~Aarti

  2. wow. so. makeda. what have you been up to lately? i thought most of those things were pretty normal. was that the point? or am i going insane? except for the rats. i seriously re-evaluated our friendship on that one. you know i’m kidding. withput you, i’d be just another friendless nerd.

  3. hey you cant say that! memoirs of a geisha is my movie! lol jk kelli. i had to say that cuz of what makeda did in trig when jonathan and monique were singing “her song.” aaaaaaah… memories. makeda i miss you! do you miss me? you know that you do! but we get to see each other on thursday!

  4. hey, i returned your calll, sorry i missed it…my cell wasn’t on me…when i called your mom asked if i could call back, i said yeah…but then i got caught up in what i was doing…so i sowie…give me a call, see you tomorrow!

  5. poasdflkasvlmnxckjv a;sdkoja;flm vk;jah;lka v ;kajfgka alkfjha;skjq’ekg q;lwejhamngmanvlkbjfg hdfl;ghn;ldfjh;djfgkamf,gm lkgjadl;gmnla, bmckb;am vb.,mcvnb;lkdmf ‘KLJAW;FDLKA;FLKGNA;J@!@!!!,MFVMXNV!!!! jhalkjhjkbgkjbgdkjH SHJLKSJHGHHGF!!!! .ljas;
    ps, i lost my Magical Friendship Decoder Ring, so i dont know what i just said, except that it was about aarti and scaroline, but mostly about peter pan

  6. because you couldn’t come, and then caroline called and couldn’t make it (well, it was just better for her to go out with her family), and the whole point of this entire thing was so that all of us could hang out…so i was like, eh let’s all just reschedule for sometime next week and that way all of us can hang out together….and don’t worry about it, it happens…lol and when you called, i was sleeping so that’s why i sounded all groggy…talk to you later, buh~bye!

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