New update………………………………………… Just kidding. My new year is starting off kind of slow. Alot of stress and stuff. I can’t wait until ms. waller leaves. She’s turning into a fat b****, who is NOT carrying her pregnancy very well at all. You know how you want to go up to some pregnant women and rub their bellies b/c they look so content? Well, ms. waller looks like a crazy person who would bite off your hand if you did that. Anyhoo, the search begins for a prom date. I am not looking forward to going solo(or with BDL’s like caroline and sarah). So wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ah, yes. another one of madeline’s wondeful, encouraging comments. good luc with the prom date. i need one also. is mrs.waller leaving school? how wonderful to have a pregnant english teacher. english teachers are bad enough without crazy hormones and cravings. i wish you luck with that also.

  2. haha, you always have what’s his name? Brian? Mr. House’s nephew? lol…orrrr that guy i saw you walkin’ to class with…*a big immature WOOOOO here* lol

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