I MADE GHP BABY!!! Oh yeah i am the bomb. Now, let’s have a moment of silence for those who didn’t……………………………………….Moment’s up!!!!!! No seriously, i’m very sad that my best friends didn’t make it. Kelli, you’re awesome and you know it. No one can write an essay or correct someone’s grammer as well as you do. And Aarti, we all know how smart you are so don’t fret babe, something better will come up. You are way too brilliant  not be recognized. And last but not least Yeoni. Lol. The war between Yeoni and Lionel rages on. You are an amazing artist. Boo to anyone who thinks otherwise. BOOO!!!

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  1. no one from espanol made it becuz no one told us we had to be in ap spanish and make tacos. i hate makin’ tacos.
    anyway, congrats from this side.

  2. hahaha, well first of all, congrats to you…second of all, trust me…haha not frettin’…eh, maybe it’s an oppurtunity in disguise? gives me a chance to chill during the summer, although i do have to get a job now…which isn’t so bad either…everything happens for a reason…maybe something soooooo extraordinary will happen over this summer that it would absolutely kill me by not being there…haha, yeah…..right….lol anyway, call me when you get better! we got movies to watch!…speakin’ of, take the lead?

  3. hey makeda…makeder….that’s awesome about GHP…in drama?  I’m not surprised.  I hate you guys are going to have another new drama teacher…maybe I should come back and kick some tail….anyways…do you guys have a performance this spring?  Let me know and Christy…now my wife:) will try to come….things are great here.  I’m working at a church in Roswell…cya

  4. hey, thanks. yeah, i don’t know. it wasn;t like last year. i’m not all that upset. CONGRATS, though. you’re the best. ever.

  5. WHOOHOO!!! I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST “PROFESSIONAL LIAR”  EVER!!! and im totally supporting yeoni….who is the best artist at our school! well i will totally miss you this summer, maybe bdl and i will come and visit you lol

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