One week left of school. I can’t believe it. It doesn’t even feel like my junior year is over. Is anyone else afraid of our senior year? *all hands go up* Well Good, at least i’m not alone.

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  1. hah I’m ready for it to end. 

    Yes, I can see you feeling dorky often.You are [[ beautimus ]] But looks can’t take dorkiness away. >.<
    heh. Life’s ok.  How’s yours??

    I’m voting for you.

  2. i can agree that senior year will be hectic. but its the last year so it will all be over with.
    go last week of school!!!
    chances are you have my vote.

  3. I’ll miss you, Makeda!!


    You will be a super awesome president.
    Or else I’m going to find the losers who didn’t vote for youAnd beat them up.

    ok?? lol

  4. I did not MAKE you read all that!  In a matter of fact, I said NOT to read it before I started off on my tangent.  You just don’t listen… er … follow directions.


    YaY!  Makeda wins!  SCORE.
    I think you were the only one who actually campaigned.Everyone else just said “pssst.  Ashley, vote for me!”And I said “hahahahaha” [[ in my head ]]

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