GHP is going well. I have only been here 1.5 days and i am already escaping to the library. Yeah, it’s going great!!
I like it, but it’s hectic. Almost every hour of my day is mapped out
for me! *sigh*  I am majoring in Theater, but i have to pick my
minor sometime this week. I am either going for comm. arts or visual
arts. I have seen aaron Lindsey one time. He looks like he’s fitting in

Goodbye, Goodnight, and GOODLUCK!!!!

5 responses to “”

  1. wow, it sounds pretty cool at least??

    Aaron should fit in.  The top band geeks over there can keep him busy ^_^
    I love love love your picture! You looked soooooo pretty!

  2. escaping to the library already? wow, good luck is right…but other than that…how is everything? what you thought it would be? nice roomate?

  3. aww! i miss you too! who am i gonna’ talk to about all the movies out there? what of that cell phone? am i gonna’ get a call anytime soon? is it a good busy or a “get me the hell out of here” busy? meeting new people? i better not be replaced by some other indian because i know some are there…i mean c’mon, face it…we’re everywhere…(lol)…and did you beat up any of the bio kids for me? and don’t worry, i promise not to see superman without you….but i don’t know if i can hold out on pirates of the caribbean…so you pick, we either see superman together or pirates…alright, it’s late…and i just got back from a run so i’m all hyper because of all the endorfins released (hah! ask if any of the bio kids know what THAT is!….lol)…so i’m gonna’ go jump off a wall or something…or read…whichever comes first…lol…talk to you later…

  4. i know it’s our only form of communication that’s why i keep it going, but i meant updating was pointless since i have nothing to say…or i have a lot to say and i just don’t say it…either way i just can’t do good updates nowadays…lol…anyway, call me when you get your phone…search for the bio kids to beat up…and you didn’t say whether or not i’ve been replaced by some other indian…c’mon now makeda…lol…superman it is…and wow i haven’t mailed something to someone in almost a year so movies will be interesting…lol ok talk to you later, buh~bye…

  5. P.S.- i wish kelli could have been able to go too…but i think she’s okay with not being able to go…so as long as she’s good, then i guess it’s okay…

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